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Velocifero E-Classic Electric Bike

Velocifero E-Classic Electric Bike

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Introducing the Velocifero E-Classic, an exceptional electric bike meticulously crafted by acclaimed industrial designer Alessandro Tartarini. Engineered with an aluminum alloy frame, premium suspensions, disk brakes, and luxurious leatherette handles, this bike delivers both comfort and sophistication in every ride.

Experience effortless journeys thanks to its advanced 36-volt, 350 watt brushless motor and integrated torque sensor. With a high-performance 36-volt, 12ah lithium battery boasting an impressive lifespan of up to 800 charges, you can explore up to 80km per charge with ease.

Enhanced with LED lights, a user-friendly battery-powered dashboard, and an adjustable seat, this bike caters to riders weighing up to 120kg, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable riding experience for all. Elevate your commute or leisure rides with the unmatched elegance and performance of the Velocifero E-Classic. Upgrade your journey today!

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