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Velocifero Jump Scrambler Electric Motorbike

Velocifero Jump Scrambler Electric Motorbike

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Introducing the Velocifero Jump Scrambler Electric Motorbike – the ultimate thrill-seeker's companion for off-road escapades. Prepare to dominate every terrain with unmatched power and agility, as this motorbike redefines adventure.

Underneath its rugged exterior lies a formidable 72v Battery coupled with an astounding 3000w Motor. Brace yourself for an electrifying surge of energy as you throttle up and unleash the full force of the Jump Scrambler. From rocky trails to sandy dunes, conquer them all with effortless precision.

Crafted for fearless explorers and off-road enthusiasts, the Jump Scrambler effortlessly handles every challenge nature throws its way. Soar over rugged landscapes with grace and feel the adrenaline rush as you navigate obstacles with ease.

With a design that seamlessly merges power and style, the Velocifero Jump Scrambler makes a bold statement wherever it roams. Its muscular frame and trailblazing stance leave an indelible impression that sets it apart from the rest.

Embrace the thrill of the untamed wilderness while championing sustainability. The Jump Scrambler's electric powertrain ensures a cleaner and greener ride, making it the environmentally conscious choice for adventure seekers.

Unleash your adventurous spirit with a motorbike that knows no bounds – the Velocifero Jump Scrambler. From forest trails to desert dunes, let it propel you into the heart of nature's embrace, redefining off-road exploration.

Conquer the outdoors with confidence, knowing the Jump Scrambler's robust build and cutting-edge technology have your back. It's time to redefine off-road adventure with a motorbike that matches your daring spirit.

Gear up, embrace the thrill, and experience the freedom of exploration with the Velocifero Jump Scrambler. Prepare for an unforgettable journey that defies limits and embodies the essence of true off-roading. Are you ready to answer the call of the wild?


Physical Specs
Dimensions: 180cm x 75cm x 100cm
Weight: 94.1kg (with Battery)
Material: High-Tensile Steel
Speedometer: 5 inch TFT Display

Max Speed: 90km/h
Max Range: 120km
Rated Power: 3000w (5000w Peak)
Torque: Peak 175 Nm

Front Brakes: Hydraulic - 220mm Rotor
Rear Brakes: Hydraulic - 220mm Rotor
Front Lights: LED
Rear Lights: LED
Turn Lights: Yes
Recommended Tyre Pressure: 35psi
Tyre Size: F-130/70-12, R-130/70-12

Battery: 72v 3600wh

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